Island Prey
Island Prey is currently airing on the Lifetime Network nationwide and can be rented at video stores nationally as well as on Netflix.

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Suspense Thriller Feature Film

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   The Search
   A Cry For Help
   The Confrontation
   The Fight
   Show Time
   The Betrayal

distributor Mainline Releasing
DVD release York Entertainment
video exclusive Hollywood Video
television Lifetime Network
director William Riead
producers William Riead and Lisa Call
executive producer Corky Barton
storyline A moment of indiscretion leads to a woman's worst fears, threatening her life and all she has grown to treasure, forcing her to deal with her guilt, fear, anger and the courage to defend what is hers.  On an island where innocence becomes vulnerable and evil relentlessly stalks its prey, “Island Prey” is a story of how one woman's moment of infidelity impacts the lives of all she loves, with riveting suspense to an unthinkable conclusion.
starring Don Murray
Tony Denison
Ed Asner
Olivia Hussey
locations Catalina Island
Los Angeles
film festivals Entered at Sundance and Toronto International Film Festivals
video Behind the scenes (coming soon)



On location in Los Angeles

On location on Catalina Island